Why the large pause Google?

Google have rarely kept to a strict timetable with product and software releases and it has had its fair share of vapor-ware announcements that never seem to deliver,  but when something big is launched, there is another reason that almost guarantees me not to see it. That’s because I’m in the UK, and like many US brands, they like to pilot the product in their home country and roll it out in stages later. However there seems to be an increasing amount of roll outs I have been waiting for that are delayed or being piloted.

Android Wear 2.0 on Moto 360 2

Released in February 2017, 2.0 has to be one of the longest roll outs in Google history. It has taken ages for manufacturers to release new devices which ship with 2.0 already installed. Motorola have now ceased to make a smart watch successor to the 360 2nd gen, however, Google has said for months now that 2.0 will come to arguably the most popular android smartwatch of its time. There were bugs to fix along the way, but even though they have now been squished, many Moto fans are still waiting endlessly.

Google Home Multi-users.

Another roll out being piloted in the US is multi user capability in the Google Home device. A much sought after feature but sadly only our Atlantic neighbours are capable of sharing the device with their family.

Google Play on Chromebooks.

Even though some have access to this in beta, most Chromebooks in the consumers hand won’t have the capability yet, and even if they did, may not work correctly with Android apps at this stage. Yet the launch of Google Plays apps on a Chromebook has been imminent for what feels like a lifetime. Yes, I do want them to get it right rather than a rush release, but at least give us a time frame and stick to it. It was announced back at version 52 if memory serves me right. It was originally released in version 55 developer build and we are now version 57 stable release and still waiting. Its tipped for a version 58 release.

I’m not usually the type to be bothered about roll out. I understand the importance of them and I am a huge fan of Google products, but I’ve never known a company to announce so much and deliver so slowly. Fingers crossed that Google I/O this Wednesday may bring light to some of these roll outs, yet I predict that it will be full of more feature announcements to be rolled out, starting with the US of course.