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Wear OS – A smart rebrand from Google

Google has never been shy of a bold rebrand in the past. They have tweaked their logo quite a few times, recently changed Android Pay to Google Pay and entered the hardware market, shaking off their software only business model.

Now it seems they are shaking up their Android Wear branding, dropping the “Android” name, just like they did with Android Pay.

The discovery was made by a member of Reddit. Posting their finding within unreleased code and the following image.

wear os screen capture

The reason on both accounts is a smart move. Neither Android Wear or Android Pay is actually restricted to just Android users. Their Wear watches can be used by Apple iOS users and Pay can be used online for payments as a PayPal alternative.

Many Apple consumers assume that Android Wear is restricted to Android phone users, therefore ignoring a very plausible alternative to the Apple Watch. This may also mean Google will focus more attention to bringing extra features to iOS users, to make it a more level playing field between Apple Watch and Wear OS.

Other Reddit users also questioned as to whether this was a sign that Google is slowly separating their Android dependency, since the rumored Fuchsia OS, that has been spotted on Pixelbooks as an alpha testing ground for a new platform that still utilities the Play Store, but is build from the ground up on a new kernel.

It’s great to see continued development in Google’s wearable platform, their perseverance is starting to pay off, with a very smooth and useful UI, hopefully a big Wear OS update will bring more great features.