raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi launch the 3B+

A surprise announcement this morning, although to be fair it is Pi Day (03.14), we should have guessed. The hard working folk at Raspberry Pi have announced an updated model.

This new release is the same size and build as the last, so it fits existing cases etc, but with improved chips.

It now comes with an tweaked processor at 1.4Ghz over the current 1.2Ghz, with slightly higher power consumption but lower thermals.

It has improved wireless with both 2.4Ghz and 5 GHz frequencies. Gigabit Ethernet with optional PoE.

Still has 1Gb RAM, which is a little disappointing, keeping it behind the Tinkerboard from Asus, but it still has faster WiFi, which is something the Tinkerboard needs, and is cheaper at £35.

At that price you can’t go wrong. It’s worth the upgrade if bandwidth speed is your priority, but if you already have a Pi3 that your happy with, then don’t expect a big change until maybe Pi4 in another 2 years or so.