Free Up Vital Cloud Space With JpegMini

In the past we have covered the various different options of cloud storage, and their free, albeit limiting, free accounts of around 2 – 5GB. If this is the case for you and you have numerous photos taking up a lot of that space, then you really have 2 options. Expand your storage capacity or shrink your collection. The obvious way to shrink your collection is to delete the photos you don’t need, and back them up locally instead. Or you could give JpegMini a try.

Sketchup Sold to Trimble

In a surprise announcement only a few hours ago, Google have announced that a company called Trimble has bought Sketchup, to improve its development for architectural benefits.

GoSquared – Addictive Analytics

The most interesting element of GoSquared service is the Live page which illustrates current activity. In realtime, as visitors stumble upon your website, you will see them appear on the live map, and a bar will appear in the list detailing where they cam from, what page the landed on and there activity there after. The whole UI of their latest LiveStats 3 is extremely intuitive, and the team have to be commended for their efforts in making this system not only informative but almost fun and addictive.