Gmail is getting a revamp, and it looks good!

When an app is used by millions of people, you have to be a little cautious about updating the design, or adding new features. One wrong bit of coding or lacking of testing on different screen sizes can lead to catastrophe. This is often why a new app from a startup can be bolder and make more innovative changes.

With Gmail, millions of people rely on this service daily. There’s been a slight, ‘if it ain’t broke’ mentality from Google with this one, since you don’t want to go changing something and scare users away if it didn’t work, or they just didn’t like it. Yet it reaches a point when an upgrade is needed to bring it in line with everything else in 2018.

Thankfully Google has been testing a lot of these features on its experimental app “Inbox”. This app introduced many new features like snoozing an email, so you can review it again at a better time and advanced categories for certain email types, such as online orders and travel information. We are now seeing these kind of additions included in the new gmail.

We are also getting smart reply, for suggestion quick responses to emails. Quick links on the right hand side to Keep, Tasks and Calendar.


The overall feel to the email client is much more touchscreen friendly too., with cleaner lines, and nicely spaced elements. You can still change the theme of you gmail, but I quite like the official light theme for its distraction free feel.

If you haven’t already got the new design, then you can click the “Try the new Gmail” option in the settings dropdown. If you decide you don’t like it however, you can revert back to the old style again, although be warned, that ability will soon go when the new design is officially rolled out.