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Create 3D Photo from normal smartphone camera and Google Cardboard

Most have heard or even tried Google Cardboard by now. It was introduced last year as an inexpensive way to create a virtual reality headset, that could almost, in part, rival the likes of the upcoming Oculus Rift. If you are in possession of one, then you will know that the vast majority of what you see is other people’s content created using expensive cameras to create 3D photo and movie content.

While creating 3D movies is still tricky with consumer tech, its actually pretty easy to make an effective 3D photo using nothing but your regular smartphone camera and your Cardboard. Here’s how:

  1. When you have a photo to take just take it as you normally would, but this time follow it up with another photo about 4-5cm to the right. You could easily get into the habit of this for all your photos, bearing in mind that this only really works on subject that aren’t moving.
  2. Take your 2 almost identical photos and load them up into a collage maker. Google Photos app has this feature but doesn’t allow you to change the grid layout so it won’t work. I’d recommend Pic Stitch¬†or PicGrid.
  3. Choose the vertical split screen grid and then select a 16:9 landscape aspect ratio. This will produce 2 almost square pictures side by side. Load up your photos and have the first one on the left, then the second on the right (if your second shot was more to the right like suggested.
  4. Save the collage then open it in your Photos app in fullscreen. Slide your phone into the Google Cardboard making sure the centre of the collage is lined up with the cardboard divider.
  5. Enjoy your 3D photo. Depending on your subject, the 3D effect may vary, if there is greater distance between your subject and the background, or if the subject is closer to the camera you will get better results.

3d photo using collage3d photo using collage


3d stereoscopic photo

Try this sample in fullscreen using your Google Cardboard and let us know how it went in the comment below.