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Convert Images in Bulk with Affinity Photo

There are some jobs that seem like a chore and we put off and put off. Mostly because its time consuming rather than physical effort. For me is was getting round to converting 100 RAW images to jpg so I could share them online with family. 100 RAW images were too big to send as they were, but at the time I wanted to have top quality files that I could later edit. I never got round to that, and a month later, my holiday picks have been stuck on my SD card. Editing RAW can be a fun job for a hobbyist, but file conversion is just plain dull, so how to quickly convert 100+ images in one go?

There are tools out there for just this purpose, there is also a method used in Photoshop that most professionals use. Yet more and more users, both hobbyist and professional are using Affinity Photo. This brilliant application for Windows and Mac has almost all the features you would want, plus one very simple tool which we need here.

batch job

Its called “New Batch Job”, in the File menu. Click this and you see a window open allowing you to open a batch of images you’d like to group edit. Click “Open”, select your files, and from there you can choose your desired file format, dimensions and more. Click the sub menu icon to the right of the file type, and you can then edit the compression type and rate etc. You also have the ability to apply macro’s to apply the same effect to all the images. Once you have chosen the settings, hit OK and sit back and watch AP do all the hard work for you.

Its worth noting that within the same menu group, you also have Focus and HDR merging, Stacking and Panarama stitching. I’ll probably get to these features later, but it’s great to see the Affinity is proving to be a very comprehensive tool, which I can only hope will continue to improve.