3 Comparison websites for choosing the right camera for you (updated)

When buying a new camera, most people know what type they are after. Compacts for everyday carrying. DSLR’s for the professionals and Bridge cameras and compact systems for the enthusiasts and hobbyists. However, take your eye off the market for more than a few months and trying to find the right brand is one task, trawling through the brands model numbers and specs is a whole other challenge. Plus specs aren’t everything, its the feel of a camera, the ease of use and of course the final outcome, image quality.

5 Photography Infographics all budding photogs must have

Starting out in photography can be very daunting. I remember myself trying to wrap my head around the idea of apertures, ISO’s and shutter speeds and how they all affect each other is mind  blowing. All I can say is the easiest way to understand is to experiment. Try every …