Bang and Olufsen – BeoSound Google Assistant Speaker

We knew the initial introduction of smart speakers was just the beginning of something bigger. With both Alexa and Google Assistant API’s up for grabs for other manufacturers to embed, it was only a matter of time. While the Echo and Home were both great speakers, they weren’t going to blow the minds of true audiophiles.

When a true pedigree manufacturer with decades of audio experience makes a high end smart speaker, you know this is something special. Bang and Olufsen have been making BeoSound smart speakers since 2016. Their precision engineering is industry renowned, with a steep price tag attached.


The BeoSound 1 and 2 have had smart connections such as Chromecast and Airplay built in, but will be re-released with Google Assistant added to them. This will give them the same capabilites as the Google Home speaker, but with the build and sound quality that you expect from Bang and Olufsen.

No matter where you place it, Beosound 2 delivers a forceful sound performance that will fill any space with music. The spherical sound image is created by the exposed Acoustic Lens at the top of the conical speaker body. Paired with dual midrange drivers and a surprisingly large bass driver, Beosound 2 delivers crisp highs and solid lows at every volume level.

Don’t expect to see these in the high street shops though, as these are shipping at £1085 for BeoSound 1 and £1475 for BeoSound 2 from the Beoplay store