Back to School Tech 2018

Its that “back to school” time again for some last minute shopping, grabbing some deals off the shelf for a return to School or University. There are many bargains to grab so lets dig in a find some handy tech for the new term.

Acer Chromebook 14 CB3

acer This laptop has everything you could want for college work. Fast startup time, automatic backup, virus-free platform and long battery life of 12 hours. It’s also pretty cheap at 250. Its light and not too big at 14″ screen size making it ideal for carting back and forth and has all the ports you need for your accessories.

Surface Go

surface go New kid on the block, the Go is the smaller brother to the Pro, a 10″ screen and thin body is ideal for portability. Its pretty quick with a Pentium Gold processor and SSD. They start at 379 but remember that doesn’t include the keyboard at an extra 125. There is also not many ports to it, only a USB-C port on top of the charging port.

Apple iPad 2018

ipad 2018 A classic choice for students, with a mammoth amount of apps for study, great portability and now is compatible with an Apple Pencil for drawing notes. Starting at 319 its also the cheapest iPad ever made.

Echo Spot

echo spot Make sure you don’t sleep in, wake up to your favourite song with an Echo Spot. With colour screen and Alexa on command, its a great companion clock to have at your bedside. Back to school tech can be unnessecary at times, and lets face it, distracting, but a laptop or tablet is almost essential these days as so much home work is given over the web. The bits of tech should have you covered, but its often worth checking with the school or college which software they use to decide which platform will be most relevant.