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Apple Keynote Event 2018

Easily the biggest event each year for Apple to show off their hard work for the past 12 months. Their traditional Apple keynote announcements being a new iPhone as well as other products such as their Watch series. This year was no different with a healthy line up of products so lets dig in.

iPhone X S and X S Max

The iPhone X broke the traditional design of the iPhone and introduced an edge to edge display with FaceID and no Home button. The iPhone XS is a continuation and refinement of this design. It new A12 bionic chip is  an industry first 7nm architecture, with faster 6 core CPU, a 4 core GPU with up to 50% faster graphics than A11 and 8 core neural engine for dedicated machine learning Its display includes 60% greater dynamic range in a 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch OLED display options. Each display is at 458ppi. The phone now also includes stereo speakers for more immersive sound and updated Face ID.


Its camera comes in at 12MP with f1.8 wide angle and f2.4 telephoto, with its neural engine helping it improve HDR and Bokeh effects. Its a natural evolution of iPhone’s camera taking skills from Google’s Pixel phone from last year and taking it even further with post shot, bokeh editing, something I’ve been wanting from the Pixel since it launched. The phones will cost from $999 for 64GB, shipping in the UK by 21st September.

Apple X R

A more affordable design, featuring an LCD display instead of an OLED, its edge to edge design, similar in style to an iPhone X S. Face ID the dame as the X S. It also includes the same A12 chip as mentioned before. The camera sis a single 12MP camera, with same software features the more expensive  X S has but with no telephoto lens. Build wise, it is a plastic back build reducing the build cost. This coupled with the slightly cheaper LCD display can drop the price to something more achievable for most starting at $749 shipping on the same date of 21st September.

Apple Watch

apple watch

With two sizes again, each screen is 35% larger than its Series 3 predecessor. With improved internals its screen looks amazing with no loss of battery life from last years design. The watch face design is now more modular allowing you to choose which bits of information is most important to you at a glance. It has also improved on its health features and is the first smart watch to include an ECG which can send its data directly to your doctor and warn you of heart rate drops.

The focus this year at Apple seems to be about a topic they have briefly covered in the past which is recycling. They talked about it quite a bit during the iPhone announcement, making sure that the older models have software updates to extend their life and how more parts inside the phone are being made from recycled materials without performance reduction. They also mentioned about how Apple Watch users can continue to use their straps from older Apple Watches on their new Series 4, to reduce wastage in accessories. This is an encouraging move from Apple to highlight the importance of reduced wastage and increases levels of recycling in the tech industry. Hopefully this is a trend other companies will begin to compete with, as its win win for the manufacturers, consumers and the environment. With the focus on health, privacy and the environment this really was an encouraging keynote from Apple, so whilst they may not lead the way in some areas of their technology, they can confidently take take first place for these key parts.