hp x2

Android tablets are dead…almost

Have you looked at the tablet market recently and thought, wow, they’re not even trying anymore. Well true, we’ve seen this for a while now. Partly due to the fact that phones are getting bigger and faster, and laptops are gaining 2 in 1 capability. So why bother with a tablet?

There is one kind of tablet that still seems a popular choice, a detachable 2 in 1. The first generation were pretty rubbish, I’m looking at you Asus Transformer. Yet over the years, this determined form factor has been getting better and better. Fine examples are iPad Pro and Surface Pro.

Android camp has had one or two attempts, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is one, but is still doesn’t feel like it could be used as a laptop. Just like the iPad Pro, you can’t use a track pad or mouse, you can’t move app windows around the screen, and have to resort to prodding the screen every 2 seconds.

Chrome OS has been seen as a huge success in the budget market, but Google and the OEM’s want to take it further. What’s the point in having android on 10-13 inch screens when you could have Chrome OS running Android apps within it. Android still has its place in phones, being one thumb friendly, but anything bigger and you may as well go Chrome OS.

So Android tablets are out, Chrome OS tablets are in.

Last week we saw the announcement of Acer’s Chromebook Tab 10. The first of this new generation of tablets, running Google’s OP1 processor, this will be a great tool for schools on a budget.

acer tablet

Now we see an announcement from HP, with its X2. A detachable Chromebook with an Intel m3 processor. Unlike the iPad Pro the keyboard and pen comes included for $599 starting price. This one seems a much higher build quality than what we have been used to seeing from most Chromebooks, PixelBook being an exception.

hp x2

Google have also hinted at a redesign for Chrome OS coming this Autumn to enhance Chrome OS’ touchscreen capability.

So if you’re browsing the tablet isle and wondering why they look dated, turn to the Chromebook stand as feast on whats to come.