google slate

Google Pixel Slate

Google’s home grown Chromebook last year was the highly acclaimed Pixel Book. A stunning laptop 2 in 1 that flipped over “Yoga” style into a tablet. Despite smaller units sold than say Surface Pro’s or Macbooks, the Pixel Book won the hearts of Chrome OS fans, who were eager for …

apple event

Apple Keynote Event 2018

Easily the biggest event each year for Apple to show off their hard work for the past 12 months. Their traditional Apple keynote announcements being a new iPhone as well as other products such as their Watch series. This year was no different with a healthy line up of products …


PWA Permissions: A much needed fix

As apps have developed over the years, so has our understanding of how they work and what’s in it for the developers. To begin with if you installed an app on your smartphone or PC then it usually came with a subtle set of terms that you agreed to when …


Gmail is getting a revamp, and it looks good!

When an app is used by millions of people, you have to be a little cautious about updating the design, or adding new features. One wrong bit of coding or lacking of testing on different screen sizes can lead to catastrophe. This is often why a new app from a …


3 Comparison websites for choosing the right camera for you (updated)

When buying a new camera, most people know what type they are after. Compacts for everyday carrying. DSLR’s for the professionals and Bridge cameras and compact systems for the enthusiasts and hobbyists. However, take your eye off the market for more than a few months and trying to find the right brand is one task, trawling through the brands model numbers and specs is a whole other challenge. Plus specs aren’t everything, its the feel of a camera, the ease of use and of course the final outcome, image quality.

hp x2

Android tablets are dead…almost

Have you looked at the tablet market recently and thought, wow, they’re not even trying anymore. Well true, we’ve seen this for a while now. Partly due to the fact that phones are getting bigger and faster, and laptops are gaining 2 in 1 capability. So why bother with a …